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Specializing in Doctor Who.

Angel - 50's Angel Deluxe Action Figure
In the classic second season episode, "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been", we see Angel as he was in the 50's. The episode also introduced us to the Hyperion Hotel where Angel lost his initial battle with the Thesulac demon. Angel returns to the derelict hotel 4 decades later to defeat the demon but this time aided by the Fang Gang and to make the hotel the home of Angel Investigations for the next 2 seasons. This Angel figure features 28-30 points of articulation (Deluxe Figure) and depicts Angel with his 50's hairstyle. He has interchangeable arms and jacket that allow him to go from "undershirt" Angel to "shirted" angel. He comes with a blood bottle (yum), an axe, and a lynch noose (used on him by the ungrateful tenants of the Hyperion). This figure was sculpted by Gentle Giant and is Time and Space Toys exclusive. Now, it's been a long time since I've opened a vein, but I'll do it if you pull any more of that Van Helsing Jr. crap with me."

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