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Specializing in Doctor Who.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel - Deluxe Angel and Spike Action Figure Set
Angel and Spike get the deluxe treatment in the second series of highly articulated figures. Sculpted by Gentle Giant, these figures have 28-30 points of articulation. These two figures can be from any episode of Buffy or Angel but the accessories they come with suggest that they're from the Angel episode "Destiny" aka "Angel and Spike's Quest for the Holy Grail of Mountain Dew." Who knew the Shanshu prophecy was a big ad for a soft drink? These figures also have removable arms and jackets (hopefully they have arms to replace those removable arms!)
Angel: Is that what you think you are ... a hero?
Spike: Saved the world, didn't I?
Angel: Once. Talk to me after you've done it a couple more times.

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