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Specializing in Doctor Who.

Angel - Pylean Princess Cordy Action Figure
When Cordelia was transported through a portal to another dimension at the end of the second season episode "Belonging", she found herself on Pylea - Lorne's musicless home. She moved up the ranks quickly - from cow to cursed cow and finally, Princess! This 6 inch action figure, sculpted by Gentle Giant, presents us with Princess Cordy in the clothes she barely wore for the last three episodes of Season 2. She comes with episode-specific accessories (but no Groosalug) and a display-friendly base. This is a Previews Exclusive. If you ever figure out how to get us out of here I want you to find me a dimension where some demon doesn't want to impregnate me it's spawn. Is that just too much to ask? What is it about me anyway? Do I put out some kind of Comshok me vibe? I mean ... you'd tell me right?

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