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Specializing in Doctor Who.

Inkworks Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Men of Sunnydale Premium Trading Cards
The popularity of the Women of Sunnydale has prompted Inkworks to release the Men of Sunnydale. This is an 81 card set featuring the main men of Sunnydale: Giles, Xander, Angel, Oz, Riley, Spike and the women they love. Some of the themes in the set include "A Few Good Men" and "Bad Boys".

Bonus Cards:
AUTOGRAPH CARDS - ONE PER BOX! Ten different autographers (11 cards - inserted approximately 1:36 packs)
Nicholas Brendon – Xander
Robin Sachs – Ethan Rayne
Mark Metcalf – The Master
Harry Groener – Mayor Wilkins
Marc Blucas – Riley
Danny Strong – Jonathan
Tom Lenk – Andrew
Adam Busch – Warren
Charlie Weber – Ben
Camden Toy – One of the Gentleman
PLUS A TRIO AUTOGRAPH CARD - Danny Strong, Tom Lenk & Adam Busch (The Evil Trio) on one card.

5 Pieceworks cards (one per box): Xander's suit jacket from Season 5, Xander's suit trousers from Season 5, Giles' shirt form Season 5, Andrew's t-shirt from Season 6, Principal Wood's shirt from Season 7 and a variant -- Principal Wood's tie.

9-card puzzle set - "Dressed to Kill". (approx 1:11 packs)

6 foil and embossed cards - "Women Men Adore". (approx 1:17 packs)

Box Loader Cards - Three "Boy's Night Out" cards. (3 Cards - 1 per sealed display box).

Case Loader Card - A special "Crazy Love" case loader card. (1 per sealed case)

Choices: Sealed Box $69.99
72 Card Set $17.99
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