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Specializing in Doctor Who.


The 7 inch scale figures based on Enterprise: Broken Bow and the Away Team series were produced by Art Asylum. The figures are gritty, detailed, lifelike and incredibly well articulated. Each figure stands between 7 and 8 inches tall, features excellent articulation and detail, and comes packed with extra sets of hands, communicators, phase pistols and other assorted accessories, as well as a translucent blue Enterprise stand and a small medal of authenticity.

Most of the figures, Archer for example, have their head and ankles on very flexible ball joints, and feature a pair of fully articulated hips hidden underneath a flexible rubber shell that allow for full motion without revealing joints. This allows the figures to sit in natural positions.

Enterprise Broken Bow - Klaang Klingon Warrior
Sale! $15.00

Enterprise Broken Bow - Travis Mayweather
Sale! $15.00




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