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Specializing in Doctor Who.

This page was last updated on: June 18, 2016.


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Doctor Who Toys
Doctor Who

In Stock!

Doctor Who - 12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Combo DEAL!
Sale! $59.99

Doctor Who - 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (new)

Doctor Who - 5.5 inch Action Figure 8th Doctor (Night of the Doctor)

Doctor Who - 5.5 inch Action Figure Missy

Doctor Who - 5.5 inch Action Figure Clara Oswald

Doctor Who - Pop Weeping Angel

Doctor Who - Pop Cyberman

Doctor Who - Titans Vinyl 4.5 inch Tenth Doctor with Glasses

Doctor Who - Pop Dalek

Doctor Who - Pop Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who - TARDIS Mini Satchel

Doctor Who - 5" Action Figure Set The Curator

Doctor Who - 5" figure -12th Doctor in White Shirt

Doctor Who - 12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Remote (Wand Company)

Doctor Who - 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Doctor Who - Dalek Space Invaders T-Shirt

Doctor Who - The Curator Stamp Cover Signed Tom Baker

Doctor Who - Weeping Angel Mug (Disappearing)

Doctor Who - Earrings

Doctor Who - Adipose 4-Inch Talking Clip-On Plush

Doctor Who - TARDIS wallet (Large)

Doctor who - Pop TARDIS

Doctor Who - Monopoly (Villains Edition)

Doctor Who - Pop Adipose

Doctor Who - Pop Fourth Doctor

Doctor Who - Pop Twelfth Doctor

Doctor Who - Pop Eleventh Doctor

Firefly - Hoban Washburne (Legacy)

Firefly - Jayne Cobb (Legacy)

Firefly - Kaylee Frye (Legacy)

Firefly - Malcolm Reynolds (Legacy)

Firefly - Zoe Washburne (Legacy)

Doctor Who - Sonic Screwdriver (12th Doctor's) - Touch Control

Doctor Who - TARDIS Union Jack Sublimated Backpack

Doctor Who - TARDIS Slouch Knapsack

Doctor Who - Clue

Doctor Who - Cross Body Bag (Purse)

Doctor Who - 1/4 Scale Remote Control K9 MkII

Doctor Who - Dalek Dress

Doctor Who - 4th Doctor Purple Scarf (12 ft)

Doctor Who - TARDIS Blue Scarf

Doctor Who - Exploding TARDIS Van Gogh Beach Towel

Doctor Who - Dalek Red Beanie

Doctor Who - Yahtzee (DALEK)

Doctor Who - Fez and Bow Tie Kit

Doctor Who - Dalek Design Mug

Doctor Who - Dalek Creamer and TARDIS Sugar Bowl

Doctor Who - TARDIS Tea Infuser

Doctor Who - TARDIS Tie

Doctor Who - Dalek Beach Towel

Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor Mug

Doctor Who - Fifth Doctor's Sonic Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who - British Icon 12-Inch Dalek with Lights and Sounds

Doctor Who - Mr.Potato Head - The Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who - Vortex Manipulator LCD Watch

Doctor Who - Eighth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who - Risk

Doctor Who - The War Doctor (Day of the Doctor - John Hurt)

Doctor Who - Day of the Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (John Hurt)

Doctor Who - The Dæmons Collectors' Set

Doctor Who - The Last Dalek Resin 50th Anniversary Mini-Figure

Doctor Who - Silurian Warrior Cold Blood Resin 50th Anniversary Mini-Figure

Doctor Who - Melody Malone Mug

Doctor Who - Melody Malone T-shirt

Doctor Who - Cyberman Head Glass Christmas Ornament

Doctor Who - 11 Doctors Glass Ball Christmas Ornament

Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Pandorica Opens 50th Anniversary Mini-Figure

Doctor Who - Cyberman Controller Age of Steel 50th Anniversary Mini-Figure

Doctor Who - Davros Journey's End 50th Anniversary Mini-Figure

Doctor Who - 10th Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver Action Figure

Doctor Who - 10th Doctor Blue Suit with Glasses Action Figure

Doctor Who - Captain Jack Harkness in Trenchcoat

Star Trek The Next Generation Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Doctor Who - TARDIS Dress

Star Trek - Phaser Light-Up Key Chain

Star Trek - Science Badge Emblem Wall Clock

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary TARDIS Journal

Doctor Who - River Song Mini TARDIS Journal

Doctor Who - Fifth Doctor Bust Figural Mug

Doctor Who - Second Doctor Bust Figural Mug

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary The Master's Fob Watch in Silver

Doctor Who - Logo Coasters Set of 8

Doctor Who - Fifth Doctor with Dalek

Doctor Who - All Doctors Mug

Doctor Who - TARDIS 14 oz.Travel Mug

Doctor Who - TARDIS Pom Beanie


The Adventures of Mini-Doctor

Or better known as "how much fun can you have with a 5 inch figure when you're travelling". Join us as we chronicle the adventures of the 10th Doctor as he travels the world with his rather mundane companions (otherwise known as your faithful Whovian dealers).

Have a gander at his photo album!

Disney Cruise with the Mini-Doctor Coming Soon

Canadian Browncoats -- www.canadianbrowncoats.com
Doctor Who Society of Canada
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